Personalized, On-Demand, and Affordable Advice for Parents of Special Needs Children

Our network of experienced advisors will guide you through the complexities of special needs.

About Glinda

Our mission is to provide more parents with convenient access to quality information and resources via unlimited communication with our trained advisors who have been there before. We want to give parents back the time, money and sanity they deserve while navigating the complex world of special needs.


Cheaper Than Traditional Experts

Unlimited Access to Glinda advisors is affordable! Reach out to us for personalized pricing at [email protected]

Advice with traditional advocates and lawyers is $250 per HOUR (of more).


A Dedicated Advisor

We will match you to a Glinda advisor based on geographic region, district, and diagnostic profile. Your dedicated advisor will get to know you, your situation, and will be by your side on the journey ahead.


24/7 Access

Challenges with special needs can’t be scheduled. Your advisor is here to listen to what you're thinking, track milestones, or simply vent. Advisors respond 1-2 times per day during the workweek. Our line is always open.

How it works

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Pay and
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Complete your payment and start messaging your advisor anytime, anywhere.

Meet our advisors, parents who have been in your shoes

All of our advisors are experienced parents of kids with special needs who have been trained and vetted by our team. Each of them has an intimate understanding of diagnoses and the special education process.

Working with a Glinda advisor will give you an unbiased, expert perspective to provide you with the guidance and tools to help you achieve your goals. When it comes to your kid's health and education, the right advice and support make all the difference.

Founded by parents who can relate

Meet Micki

Micki is a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and author working to solve the inequalities in education for children with special needs. It took her four years of expensive legal battles to get her for children with dyslexia the right resources.

Micki started Glinda to help other parents get their children the education they deserve.

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